Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Photosensitive Contributions

Just found the Photosensitive Life of Energy website where 5 of my photographs are published in their gallery www.photosensitive.com/energy/gallery. My third project and third book with Photosensitive. First was Water is Life- Cowichan Bay Road flooding, Second was Cancer Connections- Cowichan Dragon Divas in Cowichan Bay, and now Life of Energy with photos of Peter and his ill-fated carbon buster bus, Aaron bicycling recycling, Lance and Simone and their $5,000 house and Zane in his cold storage and solar heated outdoor shower. Thanks to all of them for helping me complete this documentary series. The book is available through Photosensitive for $30.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Welcome back Paul

After a difficult and very challenging 2011, I am returning to the Fletcherfoto Studio/Gallery, my travels and my photography. The troubles started with my March Mexico trip being cut short by a medical crisis. Rushed back to Vancouver for treatment but ended up being pulled off the plane in Seattle and having quadruple bypass surgery. Wow! Five days later I was back home and in recovery. Since then I recovered enough to take on our local Mayor for his position in the local elections. Didn't win and I am now out of the political process after six years as a Councillor, which is actually good news since I am still a round peg in our square hole when it comes to working with politicians. Now the year is winding down, teaching is wrapping up, the Cowichan Swans Festival is behind me and the grandkids are calling for my attention. Glad the year is ending on such a positive note. Next year is looking great. Mexico in March, leading a Long Beach Photo Workshop in the spring and then Europe in the summer. Planning on shooting a lot of stock here, there and everywhere to send to my new stock representative, LPI- Lonely Planet Images. Stay tuned as I return to Life.