Thursday, January 31, 2013

Good news announcement!

Talk about full circle. My early days of breaking into the stock photography resulted in my getting a contract with Tony Stone Images (now Getty Images) in Los Angeles. After a few years and not enough production on my part, Getty let me go. I returned to my studio work and raising children. With the studios in my past, children now producing offspring of their own, and almost 10 years of international travel under my belt, I signed on with Lonely Planet Images to represent my travel images.  Then, Lonely Planet decided to get out of the stock image market and sold out to, guess who, Getty Images. Back to where I started. The contract was signed a few months ago and already my first cheque just arrived. I am committed to making the relationship work better this time.

For those who have asked, the following link is to my before and after the Ride the Pipe journey interview video.

Hope to continue the project this year, stay tuned for more.