Sunday, July 29, 2012

Travels summer 2012

Just returned from three weeks in Europe and North Africa. The journey went by utility van from England to Wales and back to England, then off to Marrakech, Morocco via air, then by train to Tangers, then ferry to Alcerias, then train to Madrid. From Madrid I flew to the island of Gozo in Malta. I retuned from Malta to London by air, then changed airports and grabbed a flight back to Canada. Tons of photos made, and lots of amazing places visited. The highlight was visiting and exploring the island of Gozo. I liked Gozo so much I am looking at it being the destination of my next 10 day travel photo experience.
Madrid train station

Laundry day in Gozo

Contemplating the future- Goz0

Carraeg Cennen Castle, South Wales

Always the destination

Food market, Marrakech

Marrakech side street